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Project 365 – Day 307

Silhouettes in the Sun

Sunny Sunday afternoon sight by the sea.

Project 365 – Day 302

Forest Fire

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

~Edmund Burke

Project 365 – Day 301

Nature vs Man

Nature vs. Man

Photo taken from my phone.

Project 365 – Day 246

Amchi Mumbai

Project 365 – Day 245

Our concrete jungle

Project 365 – Day 189

Summer Sunshine!

The winter fog has started to set in Delhi, so this might be one of the last few clear summer sky sunsets for a while! Absolutely love the gradients in this shot though.

Project 365 – Day 181


  • Behind the scenes
  • Breaking glass

Project 365 – Day 158

Breaking Glass is always fun!


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