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Project 365 – Day 252

Pasha & Scotch

Doggy Passport Photos

Project 365 – Day 212

Winter’s coming! Scotch & Pasha got their first coats 🙂

Project 365 – Day 207

“It is the photographing of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extraordinary photographs.”

– David Young


Project 365 – Day 197

Scotch and the Curious Case of the Static Lens Cap

Project 365 – Day 194

Through the looking glass.

Since this seems to be becoming animal photography month, here’s another puppy photo!

Project 365 – Day 190

Black, White and Cute all over!

I cheated in this photograph. There’s more than one photograph in this shot – can you spot what and where? 🙂

Project 365 – Day 183

Scotch in thought

Project 365 – Day 160

This isn’t the best video technically – took it at around 3am from my phone but it is hilarious!

Pasha & Scotch (my puppies) try and steal the blinds’ lift cord but because it’s tied, it keeps snapping back! This happens every time they are in that room!


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