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Project 365 – Day 202

My London chapter came to a close today. *Deep Breath*

I don’t like saying ‘Goodbye’. ‘See you later‘ is a better, more positive alternative. Similarly, I hope this isn’t the last of London in my life, and I would love for another London chapter sometime again, because my last few years in London were INCREDIBLE to say the least!

*Deep Breath* Most of me really can’t believe this is happening. Denial is a happy place to live in, but it doesn’t change reality unfortunately.


A wise man once said, when one door closes, another one opens…

“Knock! Knock!”


Project 365 – Day 150

Fuel for my Fire A quick Google search claims that on average, up to two million (twenty lakh) people travel by the Delhi Metro every single day. It is not surprising then, that the sights and sounds of this relatively new transport route, offer much to write about (specially if one’s eves-dropping!). This is not […]

Project 365 – Day 91

In transit. London – Dubai – Kolkatta – Delhi

Project 365 – Day 90

Au revoir London!

Project 365 – Day 89

As the sun sets on the Thames, this possibly marks the end of my London chapter. It’s hard to imagine not ‘living in London’, but I guess that’s something that time will tell.

Project 365 – Day 88

Whooops! Looks like someone took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong country!

Project 365 – Day 84

Fun fact for today: ERIC CLAPTON spent his early days in music busking around London.

Project 365 – Day 83

This is where London’s magic shines best!


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