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Project 365 – Day 362


“One cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow.”

– Sir Richard Burton

Project 365 – Day 355

Chasing Tails

Chasing tails in DC.

Project 365 – Day 318

Chroma Sneakers

This one goes out specially to all the Visual Effects geeks following the blog! 🙂

Project 365 – Day 294

AutoMatically Fun

Best Friends know how crazy you are, but still choose to be seen in public with you. 🙂

Project 365 – Day 269


Enjoying fresh AER in Mumbai

Project 365 – Day 265


I love the texture of this photograph. The high iron content of the sands gives this entire region at Matheran a reddish, almost rustic feel.

Project 365 – Day 208

Apple – the Parrot


Project 365 – Day 203

Apple – now almost completely recovered. 🙂


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