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Project 365 – Day 348


NYC painted in sunlight.

Project 365 – Day 305


Goregaon, Mumbai.

“Goregaon is not a gaon (village), we have Starbucks!”

Project 365 – Day 298

Lake Palace

Lake Palace, Udaipur

Project 365 – Day 296

Sunset Flight

Evening flights are wonderful! If you time them right, you get to see some of the most spectacular sunsets at eye level (and there’s no pollution to dull out the colours) !

Project 365 – Day 287

Amchi Mumbai

Amchi Mumbai

Project 365 – Day 282

Sunset on Udaipur

Because life is for sharing.

Project 365 – Day 251


Photo taken from my phone – I didn’t add any colours, didn’t add any textures, just enhanced what was already there!

Slightly crazy if you think about it – but these colours were already there, in this version, I’m just forcing you to see them. 🙂

Project 365 – Day 246

Amchi Mumbai


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