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Project 365 – Day 322

Vegas by night

The nocturnal city.

Project 365 – Day 321


Las Vegas, Nevada.

Project 365 – Day 319



Project 365 – Day 315

Boston Cyclist

Getting a wider perspective.

Hello new wide angle lens! I’ve waited a long time for you! 🙂

Project 365 – Day 307

Silhouettes in the Sun

Sunny Sunday afternoon sight by the sea.

Project 365 – Day 281

City Palace

Need a fish-eye lens on the go?

Here’s what you do – point your lens at the closest available convex surface, frame your shot, and shoot!


Project 365 – Day 270

Mumbai Fireworks

Dear Stranger,

Thank you for your perfectly timed fireworks! It made my view of amchi Mumbai absolutely perfect with your finishing touches! Hope your celebration was just as perfect! 🙂

Best wishes,

A Happy Photographer

Project 365 – Day 251


Photo taken from my phone – I didn’t add any colours, didn’t add any textures, just enhanced what was already there!

Slightly crazy if you think about it – but these colours were already there, in this version, I’m just forcing you to see them. 🙂


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