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Project 365 – Day 310

Boston Cab

A cold, rainy welcome cab ride in Boston, MA.


Project 365 – Day 278


The iPad takes the stage, once again.

Wonder if Apple knew how much it would change our lives!

Speaking of… hope you’ve all seen this photo (see link below) ?

Project 365 – Day 271

Wedding Colour Palette

Indian weddings, like a lot of things in India are a vibrant palette of colours, and each day of the wedding has its own colour scheme.

This was from Pooja Churiwal’s ‘sangeet’ in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Project 365 – Day 267

Salt & Pepper

Trying to make the ordinary (Salt and Pepper shakers) lean towards extraordinary .

Project 365 – Day 242

You don’t need the details to capture the essence of a woman.

Project 365 – Day 222

Looking at the ordinary, extraordinarily.

Project 365 – Day 159

Project 365 – Day 94

Pooja Churiwal. The bride-to-be!


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