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Boston Diaries

Jack Sparrow?


The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.

Great cider with even better company at The Downeast Cider House, Boston. Spicey cider anyone?!


Meet Mr. Muttley. Instagram star @mr.muttleyexploring .


Mr. Muttley and his mommy.


Mr. Muttley goes exploring at the Harvard Arnold Arboretum.


Muttley and me!


Love <3


Hot chocolate mornings in Boston, MA.

Oil Painting | “Aata Majhi Satakli”

“Aata Majhi Satakli”

Oil on Canvas

18″ x 24″

21 Days of Drawing

A Sketch A Day For 21 Days.
Here are 12 of the 21.  

001 002 003 004 009 010 013 014 015 016 018 019

 Original Post: Scribbler.Co

Project 365 – Day 286


Project 365 – Day 282

Sunset on Udaipur

Because life is for sharing.

Project 365 – Day 281

City Palace

Need a fish-eye lens on the go?

Here’s what you do – point your lens at the closest available convex surface, frame your shot, and shoot!


Project 365 – Day 280

Udaipur Lake

Because love is such an old fashioned word. 🙂

Project 365 – Day 272

Bride 2B

Besides just the wedding shower, lucky brides get showered with A LOT of LOVE, whether they want it or not!

Squashed in the middle is the Bride To Be !


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