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Project 365 – Day 259

Sunsets on 2012

Watching the sun-set on 2012.

Project 365 – Day 256



Project 365 – Day 240

Guns and Roses LIVE at Mumbai 2012.

Project 365 – Day 239

Richard Fortus from Guns & Roses shows off his Shiva tattoo in Mumbai 2012.

Project 365 – Day 230

You know you’re a digital geek, when you see fire crackers in front of you and all you can think of is PARTICLES !!

Photo taken when a friend launched two rockets consecutively.

Project 365 – Day 227

Diwali. Possibly the only day when it feels like you’re in the middle of a war zone, but yet you feel completely safe.

[ I wish I could say the same for all the animals in the area. 🙁 ]

Project 365 – Day 221

The only time I ever end up going to a 24/7 store in India, is at 3 or 4am. Anyone else out there who feels strange going to this store during the day?!

Project 365 – Day 217

The Festival of Lights is almost here! Looks like there are some people who just can’t wait!


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