Project 365 – Day 01


My Nikon D800 has arrived and here’s the start of Project 365 with the camera !! ūüôā

Whiskers or as I call him Whiskey gets lucky featuring as the #1 Photograph of the series.

Dated: 01 April, 2012


Buying the Nikon D800: Lessons Learnt

While I’m celebrating the news that my D800 is finally on it’s way to me, just thought I’d share some of the key things I’ve learnt while trying to get a hold of the Nikon D800!   A little background information – I’ve always loved my cameras. They tend to become¬†extensions¬†of my hand whenever I […]

Ireland in 4 days & 900 miles!

Eireann : from¬†√Čireann, the genitive case of Gaelic¬†√Čire, meaning “Ireland”. This first post is a quick summary of my recent trip to Ireland. In a nutshell – the trip was 4 days, 4 (+1) people, 1 Audi and about 900 miles. We reached Belfast on the first weekend of March, 2012 – missed St. Patrick’s […]


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